AIDS Prevention in 100 Chinese Schools Needs You!
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An amazing cause. Thank you for organizing this.
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Donating on behalf of Archie....THANKS!
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Take Action, Make a Difference, Walk with us to end AIDS!
Everyone can do something to make a difference.
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Fund raising for an important cause in China with our hearts and having fun..
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My husband Jesse and I are walking to build a world where young people have the tools to avoid HIV and stop this virus for good
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About us

This year is the 5th year of China AIDS Walk, the first outdoor walking campaign in China aimed to raise funds for AIDS affairs. We have held campaigns in Beijing, Shanghai, Shanxi and Hubei through the years, and established local stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Shanxi. Our mission is to fight against HIV discrimination through fund raising promotions and more importantly help those affected by HIV.

Power of one: individual can make a difference to commonweal

We sincerely believe that it is not the sacrifice of the few but rather the little contributions of individuals that push the human society forward. Our goal is not only to help those HIV carriers with the raised money, but more importantly, we encourage everyone to participate in China AIDS Walk to obtain and communicate knowledge about HIV and forward the message that individual MAKES a difference. Ultimately, we wish to eliminate misunderstandings and discriminations against HIV and embed the idea that everyone could and should make their contribution to charity. 


The usage of funds

This year the raised fund, less the cost, will be used for AIDS education classes among adolescents.

We aim to establish education classes in 100 schools in hope to communicate knowledge about HIV prevention and reduce the threats that HIV is posing to young people. 


Why helping the young

Currently, growth rate of the number of teenagers infected by HIV skyrockets. By 2014, the number of people aged from 15 to 24 who carry HIV increased 58.8%, 5 times of the number in 2008. Particularly, 77.2% of the infected are people aged from 18 to 24, teenagers under 18 account for 11.3%, and the rest 11.6% are 23 to 24. 98.7% of them contracted HIV via sex. It is evident that Chinese students in both universities and colleges lack knowledge about AIDS prevention and safe sex. Thus it is imperative that we should establish education classes for such purpose to equip them with knowledge and to protect them from possible harm. 


Agenda for the project

In July, we will hold various activities to raise funds.

On 24th September, we will initiate an outdoor walking campaign in Beijing. People who donate more than 300RMB can participate our outdoor event. We walk the earth in the name of love. The money raised will be spent on education classes.

In November, we will have a detailed plan for using the funds and we will collaborate with organizations and experts in relevant fields to finalize our plan. We aim to establish education classes in 100 schools in hope to communicate knowledge about HIV prevention and reduce the threats that HIV is posing to young people.


Our past achievements

The first China AIDS Walk was initiated on the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day (May 2012). More than 3,600 participators took part in it and the total donation was 16,470RMB. In addition we got 10,000RMB from other parties. Apart from necessary expense, we provided accommodations for 175 HIV carriers during their consultation with doctors. In addition, we financially supported 102 carriers for their physical examinations and treatments.


The second China AIDS Walk started in July 2013 and we invited Xu Qing, a famous Chinese actress, to endorse our campaign. That was the first time that we got advertisement sponsorship, and we advertised on 9 buses, promoting our campaign to the public. We have raised 224,994.16RMB, and non-cash donation worth of 189, 21.60RMB. 


In 2014, we started regional stations besides the events in Beijing. Introducing China AIDS Walk to local organizations and empower them to hold such events in their regions. With our instructions, Guangzhou and Shanxi held AIDS Walk events successfully in 2014. We have three stations in China, namely Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanxi stations.


In 2015, 145 people took part in the fourth China AIDS Walk on the Great Wall and thousands of people were influenced by the activity. 2,798 people donated and we raised 128,850.68RMB. Lessing the cost, we corporate with Wan Dashan Co., bought 2,760 bags of milk powder worth of 11,000RMB. Those milk powders prolonged milk feeding for those babies born in AIDS families, from 12 months to 18 months.


Since the very beginning, we held various charitable events in the whole year including art exhibitions, campus visits, candlelight memorials, banquets, outdoor walking, online communications and etc. Together with AIDS prevention initiatives of China and UN, we communicated knowledge to various societies and encouraged the public to take part in fund raising for commonweal campaigns. In the past four years, we have held more than 60 events, set up over 160 teams for fund raising, and influenced 30,000,000 people directly and indirectly. We raised 518,549.64RMB cumulatively. We provided accommodations for HIV carriers and their families and encouraged AIDS patients to get physical examination proactively. Women and babies threatened by HIV also got our help to prevent from infection.

This year, our goal is to set up education classes in 100 universities and colleges.

Details of the plan: every school will get no more than 3,000RMB to establish AIDS prevention classes. Through online application, we will select best proposals with the help from experts specialized in sex education, and then we will provide them funds to execute their proposals. Meanwhile we will also invite experts from relevant fields to help establish AIDS classes.

Budget for 2016


Rewards for your support

If you donate more than 300RMB, you can take part in the outdoor walking campaign in the mid of September in Beijing. We believe It would be a great experience to walk the earth in the name of love and communicate with people from different backgrounds and from all over the world. 



Contact us

Tel:  010-52293801

Weibo: @爱滋徒步

Wechat ID: ChinaAidsWalk



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Tammy Lee
Good luck darling!! :)
Tammy Lee
Good luck darling!! :)
Tammy Lee
Good luck darling!! :)
Tammy Lee
Good luck darling!! :)
James Robinson 罗敬文
An amazing cause. Thank you for organizing this.